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Proposals for access to the 10/66 public data archive are NOW welcome, and can be found under the 'Apply to use our data' menu option Click here

Viewing Publications

Please Click here to access an up to date list of 10/66 publications from Martin Prince's ResearcherID account.

  1. Find 'Publication Groups/ 10/66 DRG publications in the tab on the left of the screen, and
  2. Click on 'View Publications' (in blue). These publications can be sorted by Title, Times Cited, Date Added, Publication Year, and include links to access abstracts and PDF copies.

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These publications are categorised by Topic and Region, and can be sorted or searched according to these identifiers.

Relevant Doctoral Thesis (PhDs)

Several doctoral thesis (PhDs) have been successfully submitted by the 10/66 PIs or collaborators. Please find below a list with the link to either their abstracts, full manuscripts or contributions to articles:

  • Ana Luisa Sosa: Constructs underlying mild cognitive impairment of relevance to low and middle income countries Click here
  • Mariella Guerra - A Comparative, cross-cultural study of the prevalence and correlates of late life depression in low and middle income countries Click here
  • Juan Llibre-Rodriguez - Prevalence and incidence of dementia and interaction between genetic admixture, apoe genotype, lipids and dementia in an admixed Cuban population Click here
  • Zhaorui Liu - Economic Costs of Dementia in Low and Middle Income Countries Click here
  • Jotheeswaran Thiyagarajan - Social support network typologies and health outcomes of older people in low and middle income countries: A 10/66 Dementia Research Group population-based study Click here (contribution to article)

Further Chapters (Local-based)

Dias A, Ferri CP, Graham N, Ineichen B, Prince M and Uwakwe R. Chapter 3 – Neurological disorders: a public health approach. Dementia. In Neurological Disorders: public health challenges. WHO: 2006. Full Chapter

Ferri CP, Guerchet M, Prince M. ‘The global challenge of dementia : what can we do ?’ in Dementia 5th edition, David Ames, Alistair Burns, CRC Press. (13th December 2016)

Guerchet M, Prince MJ. ‘Dementia’ in ‘Neuroepidemiology in Tropical Health’, Preux PM, Dumas M, Elsevier (1st October 2017)


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