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The first step is to raise awareness, and the media can be a helpful ally. In each 10/66 centre we will work with Alzheimer’s associations to cultivate contacts with journalists. If you are a journalist with an interest in this area, then please register here for regular project updates and press releases.

10/66 researchers in Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Dominican Republic and India have already succeeded in getting the message out in newspapers, TV and radio programmes.

Policymakers read newspapers and can be held to account by media campaigns backed up by advocacy from Alzheimer Associations. Throughout the project we plan to use innovative approaches, including commissioning local journalists to produce media briefings, ready to print news articles, and ready to air radio broadcasts.

BBC World Service reports, from the 10/66 meeting in Bellagio, February 2006 – Ania Lichtariowicz
Report 1 – the Global Burden of dementia, and the 10/66 studies: bbcworldservicebellagio1.mp3
Report 2 – services for people with dementia: bbcworldservicebellagio2.mp3

Newspaper reports on the 10/66 research studies


  • The New York Times - Roni Aryn Rabin interviewed Dr. Emiliano Albanese from the London 10/66 centre, regarding his recent paper appeared in the world leaning nutritional Journal, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
    click here to read the NY Times article published on July 21 2009.
    click here to read the AJCN paper
  • The Sunday Newsline – Chandigarh, India – January 30 2005
    • Martin Prince’s comments concentrate on the success of the 10/66 in India, and the hope to spread the study to the northern part of the country. Martin Princes talks about the difficulties of carrying out a population-based study in India but stresses the importance of doing so bearing in mind the societal context of dementia, which, he claims, “has been largely ignored by the medical fraternity so far”.
  • Herald Panjim – India – Wednesday 26 2000
  • The Hindu – India – March 30 1999: “India Must Gear up to Tackle Dementia”
    • From Chennai the news on the launch of the local 10/66 survey on dementia prevalence is given along with data on the expected rapid ageing of the Indian population. The Indian 10/66 is claimed to be a rare example of national network and the various local principal investigators are listed. In an interview Martin Prince stresses the 10/66 commitment to describe the care arrangements of people with dementia in the community and impact on their relatives”.
  • Medical Times – Mumbai, India – November 1998: “Alzheimer’s Affects 3% people above 60 years – ADI Conference from Kochi”
  • The Week – India – September 27 1998
  • The Indian Express Kochi – September 26 1998: “Public Awareness Must in Combating Alzheimer’s”
    • A report from the Alzheimer Disease International Conference held in Kochi, stresses the importance of dementia and of its potential modifiable risk factors. The need for greater public awareness is considered, together with the impact of dementia on health and social services given the weakening of the traditional Indian extended family”
  • The Indian Express – India – 20 September 1998 “International Conference on Alzheimer’s Concludes”
  • The Week – India – 17 August 1997: “In the Twilight Zone. Kerala’s rapidly Greying Society needs Considerably More Attention”
    • The article focuses on the issue of pension schemes in Kerala, India. The societal impact of dementia and of ageing in general is stressed, and the role of the 10/66 project in rising the awareness on age related disease, particularly dementia, is emphasized.

Latin America

  • El ciudadano – Argentina – July 9 2005: “Comienza un Estudio Sobre Demencia y Dano Cognitivo” (A dementia and cognitive decline study to start)
    • An announcement of the start of the 10/66 project in Argentina stressing the fact that this is the first “International” study to be carried out in the country. Details on Canuelas, the rural town were the project started, together with an explanation of what is dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease”
  • El Comercio – Lima, Peru – 24 December 2006: “Calculan en 10% los Casos de Demencia en Ancianos”
    • “The title claims that roughly 10% of all elderly have dementia. The article mainly focuses on the unpreparedness of the Peru’s health system to meet such a serious challenge. The 10/66 project in Peru is presented and its aims described. Public awareness and stigma are seen as two major obstacles to improve the lives of those affected by the disease and their relatives”
  • Gestion Medica – Venezuela – 28 January 2007: “El Ejercicio Intelectual e Interes por Aprender Postergan Aparicion de Alzheimer”
  • Listin Diario.com – Dominican Republic – 9 December 2007: “El Alzheimer’s Afecta al 12% de los Envejecientes”
    • The article presents the local 10/66 activities: the survey on dementia and the attempts to advocate and influence health policies to tackle the rapid advance of dementia in the country. The article focuses upon the lack of specialist services, and lack of attention given to dementia at the level of primary health care.
  • El Nacional – Venezuela – 8 June 2006: “En Caricuao Van Casas por Casa para chequear la Memoria”
  • El Listin Diario – Dominican Republic – 6 November 2006
  • TV Canal 10 Diario Libre – Dominican Republic – 8 February 2006: “La Salud en su Hogar”
    • During this popular national TV show, Dr. Daisy Acosta explained the relevance of the 10/66 DR project particularly during this year that the Catholic Church has devoted to the terminally ill people and, amongst these, to those affected by dementia. The program has since been repeated on other

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