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The 10/66 Public Data Archive

The 10/66 project aims to create an evidence base to empower advocacy, raise awareness about dementia and other NCDs, and ensure that the health and social care needs of older people are anticipated and met.
All investigators in the 10/66 group are committed to establish an anonymised data sharing archive with monitored public access. Our aim is to maximise the scientific output from the data that has been collected - to do this we are encouraging investigators external to our group to consider applying to use the data for secondary analyses of their own devising.

Proposals for access to the data archive are NOW welcome. The current list of either: received proposals, and papers under preparation or published can be downloaded from click here (in MS Word format) (as of December 2011)
Access will be approved by an oversight committee, consisting of PI's (Principal Investigator) from all 10/66 centres and independent members. The over-riding principle is that consent will not be unreasonably withheld from ethical, scientifically valid proposals*.

Please click here for the recent update on approved data requests.

External investigators will be asked to sign a Data Agreement Form click here stipulating the terms and conditions for using the 10/66 dataset. Please Note: A new Agreement Form is required for each new proposal request.

How to apply to use the 10/66 Dementia Research Group dataset:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the 10/66 study protocol. You can download all interviews, data entry files, algorithms, protocols, training materials and manuals from our website click here, the complete list of all variables (with labels) of our dataset click here and a full list of our consent forms & information sheet click here
  2. Download and fill in the '10/66 Manuscript Submission Form' click here
  3. Email the form and a copy of your brief CV to dementiaresearchgroup1066@kcl.ac.uk

You will receive a message from the 10/66 DRG acknowledging the receipt of you application.
The deadline for processing is 30 days from the date of submission.
We will contact you with the group decision and if approved with the final date when the dataset will be available.

*Please note that the local investigators reserve their right to withdraw their local dataset

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