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Global Observatory for Ageing and Dementia Care

The Global Observatory for Ageing and Dementia Care, hosted at the Health Service and Population Research Department, King’s College London, was founded in 2013.
Supported by Alzheimer’s Disease International and King’s College London, the Observatory has a tripartite mission:

1) To build upon ADI’s 10/66 Dementia Research Group program of population-based and intervention research in low and middle income countries, maximising the impact that research findings from our data can have upon policy and practice.

2) To developing, evaluate, and promote primary care and community interventions for people with dementia.

3) To synthesise global evidence for policymakers and public, in particular, continuing and developing our role in the preparation of high impact evidence-based reports for Alzheimer’s Disease International (World Alzheimer Reports 2009, World Alzheimer Reports 2010 and World Alzheimer Reports 2011), the World Health Organization (Dementia; a Public Health Priority 2012) and other relevant intergovernmental organisations.



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World Alzheimer Reports:
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