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Population-based epidemiological studies (prevalence phase)

Each house is mapped and door-knocked to identify eligible older people – Daisy Acosta (PI) and Guillermina Rodriguez in Dominican Republic

Cross-sectional comprehensive one phase surveys of all residents aged 65+ have been completed in defined catchment areas in a number of low and middle income countries (Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, India, China, Singapore and Portugal), with sample sizes of 2000 or more in each country. Smaller pilot surveys have been carried out in Nigeria, South Africa and Lebanon. A study in Ghana is currently in the field.

Over 23,000 older people have participated in the 10/66 prevalence wave surveys to date.

All surveys use the same core minimum data set with the same cross-culturally validated assessments administered to all participants. The assessments take two to three hours to complete, and high participation rates have been achieved in all sites. These surveys include:

  • A household interview
  • A background sociodemographic and risk factor interview
  • A clinical interview
  • A cognitive test battery
  • A physical and neurological examination
  • A blood test (in most centres)
  • An informant interview

The data collected includes:

  • dementia diagnosis
  • mental disorders
  • physical health
  • anthropometry
  • socio-demographics and socio-economic status
  • health and lifestyle risk factors for non communicable diseases
  • DNA, fasting glucose and lipids, albumin, full blood count
  • disability/functioning
  • health service utilisation
  • care arrangements
  • caregiver strain



The following centres received direct funding support for their research program:

  • Cuba and Brazil - The Wellcome Trust Health Consequences of Population Change Programme (GR066133)
  • India, Dominican Republic and China - The World Health Organisation
  • Peru, Mexico and Argentina - The US Alzheimer’s Association (IIRG – 04 – 1286)Venezuela - FONDACIT.

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