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10/66 INDEP Study Protocols

The protocol for the 10/66 INDEP study is described in an open-access publication.

Click below to download the paper describing the 10/66 protocol through PubMed.

Click here for link to full text version

10/66 INDEP Coordinator Manual

This provides a much more detailed procedure for the implementation of the INDEP study, including the interview strategy.

Click below to download the English version of the manual.

Study Coordinator Manual

Paper Questionnaires for 10/66 INDEP Study

This questionnaire comprises three main elements:

  • the Household interview, covering Household assets, Household composition,Household economic activity (work), Household income, Household expenditure, Debts and loans, Health and care, Quality of life, Changes since last interview
  • the Index older person informant interview, investigating the Index older person’s needs for care and Who, among household members provides care, and what is the impact upon them
  • the Index older person interview, including Self-reported health, Disability, Personal income, Autonomy, Needs, met and unmet, Life satisfaction.

Click below to download the INDEP survey assessments in English.

10/66 INDEP Questionnaire

Epidata Data Entry Files for 10/66 INDEP Study

All data collected in the 10/66 studies is entered using the EPIDATA, a public domain data entry program, which can be copied and distributed without charge. It can therefore be downloaded relatively easily from the internet. First go to the EPIDATA site, and follow the instructions.
In case of difficulty read the instructions in this file - epidata_instructions.doc

The interviews/assessments listed above are also supported by epidata data entry files, which can be downloaded as a zip archive file.

Click below to download the English version of the INDEP study Epidata data entry files:

INDEP Epidata Files


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